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Patch Test Tool: General improvements



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      Tools and Docks - Patch Test Tool
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      • View and interaction in the sounding plot
        • Currently, the colors of of lines can change depending on selections. This would set fixed colors or user defined colors so they don't change
        • Enable quick editing in the patch test tool to remove outliers that were missed
        • Improve choice of colors for lines to increase contrast when points are plotted against the surface in the Scene
        • Allow for the standard 'color by' options, sometimes it is needed (e.g. laser targets are best calibrated with intensity coloring)
        • Better ability to control size of plot window to achieve a desired view aspect ratio
      • View and interaction in the Scene
        • Enable hotkeys for moving selection in 2D window
        • Identify which lines are which in the 2D window
        • Increase visibility of arrows on lines in┬áScene window (display also when zoomed in)
        • Enable lines in 2D window to be clicked and selected in the Patch Test tool
      • Performance
        • Consider a way to disable real-time raytracing until it's needed
      • General Workflow and Useability
        • View speed at location of selection box, not just average speed of entire line
        • The display and the report should make it clear what before/after values were for offsets that were solved in the session
        • Better flow when working with dual-head systems, specifically remove unnecessary warnings when staging for work when switching heads
        • Allow numeric control of the slice box, potentially through the use of the existing box properties controls that are available when using the Slice Editor
        • Display Angular values to 3 decimal places everywhere
        • Enable coarse / medium / fine ranges for Auto Solve
        • Add "Don't show again" tickbox on auto-solve dialog that displays after running auto-solve
        • Ability to maximize the patch test tool window
        • Ability to reset the currently solved offsets, i.e. start again from scratch
        • Report pass/fail when transferring result to Qinsy template.db
      • Report
        • Raise awareness of the existing report
        • Add company logo to report
        • Add plot of residuals to report
        • Plots of 'before' and 'after' calibration
        • Give user capability to choose save location for report


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