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Setup - Database - Allow more Underwater Systems for Qinsy (9) and Qinsy Singlebeam



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      Setup - Database
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      Use Case:

      1. Qinsy Singlebeam (SBES) now allows 1x SBES system. In Qinsy 9.4.0 I can decode draft and SVS from a Singlebea as underwater systems, but the license does not allow this.
      2. With Qinsy (survey) I need to be able to use 4 underwater systems Underwater system
        • SSS Add-on and 2nd system for only a layback system which uses a depth sensor.
        • For Kongsberg MBES systems, the SVS is connected to Qinsy and send to the MBES system. #* For SBES I want to use 2 underwater systems: draft and svs. The draft can be used as vessel draft.

      Suggested Improvement:

      1. Qinsy Singlebeam:
        • Allow 2x Underwater sensor systems in the setup
          • 1x for the SBES (Vessel Vessel) draft (sensor)
          • 1x for the Sound Velocity (Sensor)
      2. Qinsy (survey)
        • Allow 4x Underwater Senor System in the setup
          • 1x for the Vessel Vessel draft sensor
          • 1x for SBES see above
          • 1x for MBES (Kongsberg SVS on last setup page and for other systems for parallel interfacing)
          • 1x for SSS to be able to use Depth sensor


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