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Survey Manager - Sounding Grid - Import - ASCII - Gridded Data - Cell origin



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      Survey Manager - Sounding Grid - Import/Export
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      Use Case:

      We are importing gridded data and are ending up with empty row and columns in the grid.
      This is caused by the fact that the data points we are importing on the edge of the Qinsy standard grid cells.

      The left bottom corner of a Grid starts at 0,0 for Qinsy Grids and expect the values to be within the cell boundary
      When the imported grided the values are shifted half a grid cell size (for the Qinsy Logic), they will be right on the corner of each cell and it with be difficult to determine which cell bin to fill with that value.

      When you import the data values could end up in one of the adjacent cells

      The are several option to solve this:

      1. Request or create data according to the Qinsy Grid definition (most survey packages use the same logic as Qinsy)
      2. Shift Grid Origin
        Create a new Grid and shift the origin of the grid by half a cell size
      3. Create Design and Import into existing Grid
        You can import the gridded ASCII data into a design with a maximum link length = 1.1*SQRT(CellSize) and fill a grid using the created design.

      Proposed Improvement:

      Add the option to import gridded ascii data into a:

      1. New grid and automatically
        • detect the: cell spacing and
        • determine the origin
      2. Existing Grid
        • detect the: cell spacing and
        • determine the origin
        • Check if the origin/cell spacing complies with the existing Grid


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