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Survey Manager - QPD - Export - Tracks - System Nodes and Fixes



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      Survey Manager - QPD - Import/Export
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      Use case

      At the moment it is possible to export track info via 2 workflows:

      1. Export this from the QPD in the Survey Manager (DXF/DWG/KML/LandXML/PRO/ASCII)
        • Export fix track from QPD to QGF Background
        • From there you can export to several formats.
      2. Export this from the DB/QPD via generic export (KML)

      However, both options have missing functionality.

      1. Export via Survey Manager
        • Does not show line name at End Of Line (EOL) and Start Of Line (SOL).
        • Can only create tracks for Vessel CoG and Echosounders
          Note that as a workaround, you could add dummy Echosounder systems to those nodes (also in processing).
        • Does not have an option to show fixes at a certain interval. For example show every 5th fix.
      2. Export via Generic
        • Does not show line name at End Of Line (EOL) and Start Of Line (SOL).
        • Does not show fixes.

      Proposed solution

      Add an option to export this information including:

      • Line names
        • Showing the Line name at SOL (before the line) and EOL (after the line)of the Track;
      • Fixes
        • Option to show recorded fixes at a selectable interval (all, every 2nd/3rd/4th/...);
        • Option to define fix symbol¬†
      • (Object/System) Node Tracks
        • Beside the Vessel/Object CoG track the option to export node tracks of systems/sensors:
          (By adding a manual echosounder to a node the QPD will contains a Transducer track and will allow track processing in the Validator and allows the object to be available in Qimera)
          • MBES,
          • SBES,
          • SSS fish,
          • Maggy fish,
          • SBP
          • ROV
        • Store tracks of System on a dedicated layer (see also FQI-287)
          • Default named <Object_System_Node>
          • User definable¬† ¬†


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