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Console - Projects - Differentiate between Qinsy 8 and 9 projects



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      The Problem:
      We are switching between Qinsy 8 and 9 projects

      1. When you worked on a Qinsy 8 project and you start Qinsy 9 it always upgrades items of your project you just used in Qinsy 8 (even if you select No in all the pop ups).
      2. When your project is upgraded with Qinsy 9 and you want to roll back to Qinsy 8.18.x it takes a lot of steps and you need to delete items (user needs to know what he needs to remove)
        • Template is was upgraded to Qinsy 9 but the user can still use it to go Online and runs into problems.


      Proposed Solution: 
      Do not use the same Last Project (registry) reference for Qinsy 8 and Qinsy 9

      • Use separate reference for the last project used by the Qinsy 9 Console to prevent unwanted upgrading of the project.
      • User will need to select the project in the new Project Browser and open it to be able to use it with Qinsy 9. Only then a project ill need to be upgraded.


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