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Setup - Database - Systems - Give warning when changing driver icw related systems



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      The Problem:
      You have a setup which includes relates systems e.g. an USBL to use selected beacons and an ARPA system to show all decoded beacons in the Navigation Display.
      When want to change the driver of the interfaced system, you can do this for on selected system (USBL), but you are not warned about the other related systems, that their drivers needs to be change too.
      If you are aware and changing the driver of the related system (ARPA) you suddenly cannot select the COM port anymore. You first need to select a different COM port and save its. Then open the system settings again and change to the correct COM ports as the other System (USBL) and manually set the correct baud rate, because it does not inherit it automatically.


      Proposed Solution:
      When selecting a different driver of an existing system which has related system in the setup, the user should be prompted

      1. Related systems on this port might be affected need to be checked and altered manually?
        This feature is realistic and feasible in the current functionality structure
      1. Do you want to change the selected driver of all systems on this port to this driver?
        This would be best option, but is currently not feasible as it requires a to much work within the current functionality structure. It would be something for future developments.


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