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Survey Manager - CAD - Line Planning - Create Wing Lines using swath width and underlying ENC or DTM



    • Area/FunctionalityQI:
      Survey Manager - CAD - Line Planning
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      Use Case:

      We would like to create a (continuous) line plan for a survey but generate to many lines.
      We create to many lines because we conservatively use the lowest depth from a DTM or chart for the whole area.
      Instead we would like to use previous surveys, enc's, contour DTM's, ect to generate a line planning and survey time/costs estimate.
      We want to draw a area and a route and automatically winglines (WL) from the Line/route using several parameters related to the vessel and height/tide.

      Proposed Solution:

      Offer the option to create winglines within an area using the following parameters :

      1. Select Area (see also FQI-242)
      2. Select a Route / Reference line (can be a line section edge of the above area)
        • Run in line length
          • Only the first line
          • Each line
        • Run out line length
          • Only the first line
          • Each line
        • Relates a bit to FQI-619
      3. Vessel
        • Maximum Survey Speed
        • Turning Radius and speed
        • Draft
        • Offset/Draft of Transducer(s) (using the Vessel Setup from the Template DB?)
        • Under Keel Clearance (UKC)
      4. Tide prediction file
      5. Swath
        • width or sector
        • Roll
      6. Required overlap
        1. Percentage
        2. Survey Units (meters/feet/ect) (check with UKC and swath width)
        3. Percentage AND Survey UnitsĀ  (check with UKC and swath width)
      7. Shallowest depth over the line area, taking above parameter into account, using as reference surface a:
        • DTM - Sounding Grid (use Minimum Depth/Max Height attribute by default)
        • ENC - QNC (ENC converted to QPS Nautical Chart format)
          • bENC
        • Design Model (*.qgfdes from contours)
        • Fixed levels
      8. "S-57 aware" to avoid certain features - (create a warning?)


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