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Survey Manager - CAD - Line Planning - Export - Mission Planning - Option to arrange line order or to create continuous line / route



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      Survey Manager - CAD - Import/Export
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      Use Cases:

      1. When creating a line planning for a ASV mission you need to think about the order you create lines, because it affects the line order in the exported mission planning formats. The line order cannot be altered/arranged during export
      2. We created a (MBES) line plan using the options from FQI-634 and want to create a continuous line, but want to be in control in what order and direction line are sailed
      3. We want to create a continuous line for our ASV with SBES and want to create a continuous line route (Additional Mainline) to output the autopilot to sail Cross lines on a channel, but want to use (Line Planning ) Cross Lines for DB File name reference to be able to compare a sailed (Profile) line (QPD) to a previous sailed (profile) line (QPD in the Validator (Singlebeam Editor).

      Proposed Solution:

      Add an option to change/arrange the order and directions of the planned lines.

      1. Mouse selection order
      2. List/Table sorting
        • Manual move up/down
        • Start line and every N line (N=1,2,3,...)
        • Option per line
          • Take SVP
            • No
            • before SOL
            • After EOL
          • Sailing Speed
            • Ping Rate depending

      This could be done during Export. The problem here is that the user would need select the same line order in Qinsy Online - Controller - Sessions Setup - Line Planning.

      Another approach would be to create an continuous route using the:

      1. In sailing order arranged lines (from above)
        • Set Line Color
      2. Selected direction (first line)
        • Select direction indicator
      3. Object/Vessel minimum turning radius (could also be icw minimum line segment length for vessels not supporting a tuning circle)
        • Select Line color
      4. Run-in and Run-out distance
        • Select Line color

      Online recording in QINSy could be done with the same continuous line (route) Splitting the recording could then be done by triggering on: 

      • Start / Stop recording using Area's FQI-242
      • File Size
      • KP distance



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