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Survey Manager - CAD - Import - QPS Event Database



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      Survey Manager - CAD - Import/Export
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      The Problem:

      Online we work with eventing and the events are shown in the Navigation Display. 
      Back in the office we have the following options with the event database:

      1. Export option to the user interface in the Controller (Online/Replay).
        • a black box option
        • The QGF file name will be by default taken from the file name of the event database.
        • A single layer will be added called "EVENTS".
        • Points will ONLY be written with their easting, northing and height  (ENH) values. 
        • The point name will be the event name.
        • Comment will be added to the text and / or infotext attributes
      2. Import an event database (evtdb) in the Processing Manager (PM.NET) via the Target Viewer. The problem is that:
        • The orientation (heading) of the icons are not imported. They always orientate to north.
        • Cannot use the original scaled CAD symbol.  Which is not very useful, especially on rivers. 


      Proposed Solution:

      Add an option to directly import an QINSy Event Database (evtdb) into QPS Graphical File (QGF) formats like:

      1. Background (*.QGFback)
      2. Design (*.QGFdes) (already possible via export see above)
      3. Line Planning
      4. Annotations (QGFanno)

      Add the option to:

      • Select QGF destination type
      • Select Target Layer(s)
      • Use the Heading
      • Use the Course over Ground (add an vector for direction and speed)
      • Filter events before import
      • Set scale for CADblocks/Icons used
      • Use alternative :
        • CADblock
        • Object Shape (From Template DB or QINSy SHP file)
        • Icon 





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