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PM.NET - Sounding Grid - Volumes - Reference Tolerances unclear



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      The Problem:
      Upper and lower tolerances are set differently in PM and the old Sounding Grid Utility (SGU).
      In SGU lower and upper tolerance should be set as positive.
      In PM, upper tolerance is positive, lower tolerance is negative. This is not clear.

      To understand the terminology in the volume results, the user needs to read the help


      Proposed Solution:
      GUI layout change:
      To make it clearer that the tolerances are related to the reference selected

      Please only allow positive values to be entered like in the SGU and a small picture/drawing to make clear in the Calculation display.

      Volume Results changes:
      Change the text of the following items

      1. Over design volume m3 --> Above lower tolerance (Maximum To be dredged Paid) volume m3
      1. Above tolerance volume m3 --> Above upper tolerance (Over Dredged Not Paid) volume m3
      1. Below tolerance volume m3 --> Below lower tolerance (Minimum To Be Dredged Paid) volume m3


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