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Offline - Replay - DB - Make it possible to split recorded QINSy databases



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      The Problems:

      1. QINSy has by default a 100MB file splitting on the QPD enabled. When choose not to store QPD files, the splitting is not triggered and results in very large recorded DB files.
        • DB file splitting option is available, but most users forget to enable this
      2. Recorded QINSy DB's are required by the client, but a larger area has been surveyed than the contract requires. How can a user only supply the raw/recorded data for contracted area?
      3. Some nice objects present in the Sounding Grid / Dynamic surface. how can we extract/reduce the data to speed up the investigation/processing of the Water Column Data and the backscatter data?
      4. We had some issues during recording and want to send a small portion of the DB file for investigation to QPS

      Proposed Solutions:

      1. Split database into multiple parts based on (This will allow the database to be divided into smaller part so that for example they may transmitted more easily from a vessel to an office.):
        • File size
        • Time
        • Fix number
        • Distance along line
        • Number of pings
      1. Add option to handle only data within a certain range based on (This will allow a small part of the database to be extracted so that it may be investigated in more detail in an office.):
        • Time
        • Fix number
        • Distance along line
        • Bounding polygon
      1. Include run-in support (Run-in support is required so that filters have enough time to properly initialize)
      1. Add option to select systems (This will allow the user to minimize the size of a database by only extracting the systems in which we are interested.)


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