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Console - Geodetic UI - Make the geodetic setup part of the project settings instead of the Template DB



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      The Problem:
      Geodetic Settings are now part of the Database (DB) Setup and are stored in the Template DB.
      Many users have multiple templates within a (Common) Project with different geodetic setups, because they need to modify the geodetic setup and save it under a different name to be able to use their vessel setup in a different geodetic setup.

      Proposed Solution:
      Remove the geodetic settings from the Database Setup / Template DB and make the setup part of the project settings.
      This will make it easier to:

      1. use a template DB (vessel / object setups) for other projects.
      2. Use other applications that only need the geodetic settings (PM.NET / DXF2QXF still used by Qastor)


      1. The geodetic settings will still be stored in the recorded databases (DB's)
      2. When the Geodetic Setup is part of the project settings - FQI-332 
        • A default GNSS (Source) Ellipsoid should then be then be selectable in the Geodetic Setup - FQI-104
        • For the GNSS System the user should then select/set the GNSS correction source datum/ellipsoid (ETRS89 / ITRF2007 / ect) and QINSy should offer/set a transformation to the Default GNSS (Source) - FQI-50


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